About the college

Professor Dr. Badie Ali Ahmed

Dean's Message

The Deanship of Al-Hadba University College is confidently and determinedly moving forward, trusting in God, with steady steps to update the elements of the educational and pedagogical process. This includes modern curricula, competent professors, rigorous research, and advanced digital e-learning, all aiming at governance based on the vision and mission sought by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to achieve higher education that meets the requirements of advancement and sustainable development. With willpower, leadership in our college's work is achieved.

Al-Hadba University College, one of the private colleges in our beloved Iraq, situated in the north of Iraq (Mosul), was established by the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under its letter numbered (س /6061 9)on 9/10/1994, and it holds a license to establish the university college.

With generosity, it has extended its hands and embraced a new gateway to science and civilization, symbolically embracing this city with its rich history. Since its establishment, it has been striving to prepare students scientifically, academically, and intellectually, raising the level of Mosul, enriched with scholars, and welcoming students from all provinces of Iraq.

This college is considered one of the important pillars in Nineveh Governorate, producing numerous professionals who have contributed various experiences and expertise to society. Many of its graduates have held leadership positions within Iraq and beyond its borders..

The college is dedicated to all scientific, economic, and administrative disciplines, as well as anything related to cultural advancement and the future of Iraq..

The college aims to maintain its leading role in higher education and community service within Iraq, while also striving for international recognition through the quality of its innovative scientific research, the capabilities of its graduates, and its strategic partnerships.

The college's mission is to provide a comprehensive educational experience that fosters intellectual growth, promotes critical thinking, and prepares students to become competent professionals and responsible citizens. Through innovative teaching methods, cutting-edge research, and meaningful community engagement, the college aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, the development of society, and the enhancement of the Iraqi future.

The college aims to achieve the following::

Firstly: In the field of higher education

  • Preparing a generation with strong morals and confidence in their abilities, keen on adhering to the scientific approach, academically and technically qualifying them, relying on themselves, and continuously preparing to serve the country.
  • Preparing generations capable of creativity, innovation, and lifelong self-learning..
  • Providing the advanced needs of the labor market and supplying the Iraqi society with specialists and experts in various fields..
  • Continuous renewal of the educational process at the undergraduate level..

Secondly: In the field of scientific research

  • Conducting theoretical and applied research and studies to serve society and participate in finding scientific solutions to its social and economic problems..
  • Integrating research and studies with comprehensive development plans and the future vision of society..
  • Training generations of scientists, researchers, experts, and innovators capable of organized and creative work in various fields of science, arts, and technology..

Thirdly: In the field of community service and development

  • Participating in serving the community through direct interaction and continuous cooperation with its economic, social, and cultural institutions..
  • Developing human resources and increasing their efficiency by providing continuous education and training programs for workers in all community institutions..

Fourthly: In the field of cooperation with other scientific institutions

  • Supporting scientific communication and exchanging experiences with universities and scientific institutions locally and internationally..
  • Interacting and investing in global scientific experiences and expertise in intellectual, scientific, and cultural fields..

Fifthly: In the field of performance evaluation

Utilizing the outcomes of evaluation studies:

  • to improve academic and administrative performance and simplify procedures..
  • Developing teaching programs, quality standards, and encouraging student activities.
  • Developing the capabilities of faculty members to enhance their performance ..
  • improve research programs.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, along with all its institutions, seeks to be a leader in the field of education and scientific research at both regional and global levels. The ministry aims to establish, implement, and maintain an environmental management system by comprehensively addressing the environmental impact of its activities, products, and services. It works to provide a framework for setting environmental objectives and committing to environmental protection, including pollution prevention, sustainable resource use, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems. Additionally, the ministry is committed to meeting applicable requirements and continuously improving its environmental management system and enhancing environmental performance.

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