Division of quality assurance and university performance

الاكثر شيوعاً لهذا اليوم

We believe that policies and processes are the basic pillars of a quality assurance system. We are committed to develop and improve them continuously to fulfill the uniqueness in all aspects of academic and administrative work. We endeavor to achieve a culture of quality within the foundation & encourage all members to participate effectively in ensuring quality at various levels, and we believe that the quality is everyone's responsibility.

We also put in consideration, the relationship among research, learning & teaching in our national and institutional style, and we ensure that our policies reflect this relationship and support our strategic aims.

Al-Hadba University College is committed to promote the academic and freedom academic and stands firmly against any form of academic fraud. We are keen to provide a fair and equitable study environment for all students
.and faculty members We prevent any form of discrimination or intolerance against students or faculty members and ensure an equal and diverse learning environment for all.
Besides, we pay attention to involve external stakeholders in quality assurance processes to insure the foundation respond to the needs and aspirations that surrounding community.
We implement policies through a set of internal quality assurance processes, and ensure frequent monitoring and review and participating effectively across foundation levels and ensure that the quality policy
includes all activities carried by the foundation whether they are subsidiary executive or contractual with other parties to ensure the quality of all services provide.
Al-Hadba University College adopts this policy as a framework for constant improvement and providing distinguished services in accordance with the highest criteria of quality and academic integrity.

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